Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Josh Damigo Tour Announcement

Josh Damigo is an exceptional musician and he's on tour!

Josh has a beautifully soulful voice.  He's musically entertaining, smart and comedic.  Engaging and energetic, Josh connects with the audience and shows that a good songwriter is a good story teller.  Take a minute and see a wonderful singer/songwriter.

Here's a schedule of his upcoming events:

Phoenix, AZ
Wed Apr 04 12
07:00 PM
Las Vegas, NV
Thu Apr 05 12
08:00 PM
Park City, UT
Fri Apr 06 12
08:00 PM
Coeur d'Alene, ID
Sat Apr 07 12
06:00 PM
Seattle, WA
Sun Apr 08 12
07:00 PM
Rock Bottom
Portland, OR
Mon Apr 09 12
08:30 PM
Santa Barbara, CA
Wed Apr 11 12
06:00 AM
San Francisco, CA
Fri Apr 13 12
08:00 PM
San Diego, CA
Sat Apr 14 12
09:00 PM

We had the privilege of seeing him perform at an evening of comedy with NBC's Chuck's Big Mike, Mark Christopher Lawrence.  His opening was fantastic.  Lyrically driven, Josh's music shares a bit of his inner self in each song.  We're still listening to his CD.

San Diego natives have the opportunity of catching Josh on a regular basis at Lestat's West Music Venue.  Josh appeared in ArtsNFashion Magazine Fall 2011 issue on page 13.

Visit our website for a free subscription of the ArtsNFashion Magazine. ArtsNFashion Magazine


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