Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Nightmare Before Xmas: 91X Wrex the Halls After Party

by Paola Hornbuckle

West Coast Club Life presents 91X Wrex the Halls After Party
91X Wrex the Halls After Party by West Coast Club LifeSat, Dec 10, 2011 – WestCoastClubLife put on The Nightmare Before Xmas – The Official 91x Wrex the Halls After Party at the Horton Plaza Event Center.  Four themed rooms, full service glow bars, vendors, dancers and a fashion show were part of the night’s events as well as a musical performance by Unheard Motis. The dancers and models stood out with detailed glow in the dark body paint themed after the movies that shares the same name as the event – garish skulls and white wigs. Hula hoop and sword dancers started off the night creating that magical, surrealist atmosphere that is associated with WestCoastClubLife.The Nightmare Before Xmas - West Coast Club Life The Label Swimwear treated the audience to truly original bikinis and swimwear. Strips dominated many pieces, some crafted like tears in the bathing suits, like a tigers’ claw had ripped across the fabric, displaying neon colors and gold underlay. Geometric cuts, and ornate designs like tassels and belts, as well as eye-popping colors and alluring prints pushed the line to higher levels of sophistication. Swimsuit dresses and cover-ups in gauze and print also displayed high-fashion touches. Bays of Flash displayed casual and fun original pieces with its jeans and t-shirts. A fun-filled night filled with great music and fashion, not to mention art, and displaying the WestCoastClubLife touch.

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