Monday, December 12, 2011

Hot Spot: Lookbook

Need inspiration for your latest look? Lookbook is your type of place. This amazing website connects people from all over the world to share one common passion for fashion. The website, which started in 2008, has grown to one of the most popular street style websites on the internet.

This site isn't just for the youngsters either. The age range goes from twelve to mid-fifties, and displays all types of styles and ideas. Lookbook is also a major place for advertising, so there are multiple contests a month in which you can showcase your favorite look in order to be qualified for a prize. 

This fashion site is also a personal favorite because of the forum which discusses shopping, art, beauty, literature, and much more. Who better to get advice from than your fellow style setters? 

This is a tight knit community who are also interested in the person behind the clothes. Lookbook selects a community member for each month to do an interview with to learn about their life, inspirations, and where they shop in order to get an in depth look into their lives.

Anyone can join this site, so go check it out! I guarantee that it will be a new favorite for many of you.

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