Tuesday, April 12, 2011

young socialites headed to Stingaree Nightclub in Downtown San Diego to dance the night away and show off the jaw-dropping outfits

La Isla SwimwearBy Matthew Reyes

After the Thanksgiving feast, football games, family celebrations, and boosting of the economy during Black Friday, young socialites headed to Stingaree Nightclub in Downtown San Diego to dance the night away and show off the jaw-dropping outfits they purchased at the sales during the day.

While the crowd worked off their added weight from their Thanksgiving feast to the music of DJ Scooter and DJ Decon, mixing the hottest chest throbbing electro beats I’ve ever heard, long-legged and beautiful models strutted their stuff in fashionable swimwear pieces on the catwalk right above the DJ booth. Stingaree in conjunction with La Isla Swimwear held a Black Friday Charity Fashion Show to raise money for Peruvian Hearts, an organization that enhances the lives of children living in poverty in Peru through nutrition, education, and healthcare. La Isla Swimwear and Stingaree rang in the holiday season by donating to the less fortunate. That is what the holidays are all about.

La Isla Swimwear showcased several ensembles from their 2012 Winter/Spring line. Models were styled with a hybrid of winter headpieces and scarfs, due to the fact that it’s never too early to be in a bikini in SoCal. Their bikinis displayed radiant textile patterns and lovely floral patterns, giving their products a refreshing and sexy look. Also, La Isla infused their bikinis with vibrant-neon color schemes so everyone can notice your daring, yet sexy ensemble. La Isla didn’t stop with new textile patterns and colors, in addition, beautiful hardware were noticeable on each bikini. La Isla bottoms are accessorized with shells and o-rings giving each bikini a natural yet elegant look.

To see the entire La Isla collection visit their website  which has all their products from one-piece suits to a new revived Bandeau Bikini, and start shopping for the 2012 summer season. In addition, check out Peruvian Hearts website. Learn about their cause and help make a child have a better holiday season by advocating their cause or donating to the charity.


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