Monday, January 16, 2012

Miss CA Teen USA 2012

Miss CA Teen USA 2012

 Katie Blair (2011 Miss CA),
Alexa Jones (2012 Miss CA Teen Winner),
Alexis Swanstrom (2011 Miss CA Teen)

The McCallum Theatre in Palm Springs was bursting with glamour and excitement as hundreds of hopeful teen contestants hit the stage to compete for the title of Miss CA Teen USA on January 7 & 8. The theatre was packed with family and friends supporting the beautiful contestants that had travelled from all over California for the activity filled weekend.  
Alexa Jones (Miss Orange County), Caitlin Jade (Miss Orange Hills),
Madeline Hornbuckle (Miss Otay Ranch), Veronica Popa (Miss Pacific Coast)
The pageant is judged on three categories: interview, swimsuit, and ball gown. The interviews had been conducted on Friday Jan 6, and Saturday Januay 7 were the preliminaries where all the contestans got their moment in the limelight on stage in breathtaking ball gowns and gorgeous bikinis.

Alyssa Campanella (Miss USA)
The event was hosted by the current Miss CA, Katie Blair, and Miss Teen CA. Alexis Swanstrom. The current Miss USA, Alyssa Campanella, also was present and a part of the presentation. K2 Productions, who is responsible for the pageant, put on a great show, but without a doubt it was the palpable excitement of all the contestants which made the event so special.

 Many contestants from San Diego were present and one, Lauren York, Miss Greater San Diego Teen made it through the first round. The winner for Miss Teen CA was Alexa Jones from Orange County who tugged at the audience's heartstrings  with her interview question.  When asked who her role model was she answered: her mother. She mentioned how her father had died in a car accident just a few months before orientation, but her mother encouraged her to stay and participate in the pageant with a brave smile on her face.  A touching moment was when Alexis Swanstrom walked her last walk as Miss Teen CA and she could not keep the tears streaming down her face. It was so obvious that being Miss Teen CA had been a high point in her life and she had truly enjoyed her year. The passing of the crown from Alexis to Alexa was a climactic event and the audience cheered in enthusiastic applause.

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