Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Roaring Twenties

Pop culture has always been an indicator of what is in fashion, so it is no surprise that 1920's style is once again a huge hit with the remake of The Great Gatsby coming out later this year. Flapper girls have been idolized as fun party girls with class, but now we are bringing the flapper style to a whole new level.

You can recreate this flashy look by wearing more of a tubular shaped dresses. This is somewhat similar to the 1960's mod look that is in style, but to differentiate of what style to go for make sure that it has a sophisticated, elegant looking embellishments and some draping. Remember, an expensive look doesn't actually have to be so pricey. You can find many twenties style dresses for under one hundred dollars.

Another way to show your historical appreciation of the the 1920's is through hair accessories. Headbands and short hair styles display your femininity with a little edge. Caps with a dramatic topping is also a great piece to use. These hats have also been in style since the royal wedding, so you're hitting a double win with this look.

Although these looks might be a little crazy and different, it will definitely get you noticed out of a crowd.

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