Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Landmark Films for Spring

New Landmark Films for Spring

By James Colt Harrison

Some are off-beat, some are romantic, some are just plain funny. These are the new films that will be coming to San Diego and the Landmark Theaters.

The Lady is all about that extraordinary human rights activist from Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi, as played by Chinese star Michelle Yeoh. Aung and her husband (David Thewlis) have peacefully fought a battle with the Burmese government over the democracy movement. The love that has endured separations and house arrests has not faltered between the two despite the political turmoil that continues to this day. Directed by Luc Besson and written by Rebecca Frayn. Cohen Media.

The Kid With A Bike has won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival and has now hit American shores. The story of Cyril, a boy alone, it features 11 year-old newcomer Thomas Doret. His dad (Jeremie Renier) has abandoned him and he also loses his bicylcle. In an intense attempt to find both, Cyril is taken under the wing of hairdresser Cecile de France. His wild and unpredictable behavior threatens to destroy his relationship with the woman. Ifc Films.

The Hunter gives Willem Dafoe and wonderful bad guy role as  a skilled and ruthless mercenary. His assignment is to go into the Tasmania wilderness and find what is thought to be an extinct tiger. The company who hired him wants the tiger’s genetic material for exploitation. When he moves in with a local family, he becomes close to them and is led down a dangerous path. Actress Frances O’Connor and Sam Neill co-star in this beautifully photographed drama. Magnolia Pictures.

Diane Keaton stars with Kevin Kline in Lawrence Kasdan’s  Darling Companion. As an empty-nester, Keaton becomes close to a dog she rescued by the side of the road. Kline is too distracted to notice and loses the dog after a wedding party at their Rocky Mountains home. Several of the wedding party get involved in a rescue effort that turns from comedy to an emotionally charged event. Sony Classics.

Musical icon Bob Marley is the subject of director Kevin Macdonald’s documentary Marley. Showing his early rise to stardom in music, the film reveals the legendary man also delved into revolutionary topics. The Marley family was instrumental in delving into the life story of the world-famous artist. Included is rare family footage and interviews that reveal the true man. His music and messages have transcended many cultures and lands around the world. Magnolia Pictures.

Elles is the French treat for May. International star Juliette Binoche plays Anne, the mother of a disinterested boy and wife of a preoccupied husband. To fill her time she works as a journalist researching an interesting topic---why college girls go into the sex trade at such an early age. She is fascinated by two of the girls. One is a French girl (Anais Demoustier) straight out of the dreary government housing projects, and a downtrodden Polish girl (Joanna Kulig). They open their hearts to Anne and state different reasons for entering the sex trade. They are completely frank with Anne about all the deviations in their encounters. There’s even a touch of humor about it all. Kino/Lorber Pictures.

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