Friday, May 18, 2012

Donna Summer's "Last Dance" and Jessica Sanchez' first

Two singers, one at the end and the other beginning what could be a long career.  Donna Summer left us at the young age of 63, but fortunately for us, she leaves behind her magical voice and the hypnotic, fun rhythmic beats of the 70's known as disco.  While she has had her "Last Dance" on earth, the second singer, Jessica Sanchez, is dancing with her father and the rest of her family and friends here in Chula Vista, CA as she moved into the finals of this season's American Idol.  Certainly, it would be a dream for Jessica to win.  However, having a career and the staying power of a Donna Summer is the dream of every artist.

A generation apart, but sharing a love for music, these two women gave music lovers a day of sadness for the loss of Donna Summer, a legend and a day of happiness for what is to come for 16 year old Jessica Sanchez just beginning her journey, her first dance.

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