Monday, July 30, 2012

Diamond Dust Fashion Show

Morgan Culture, photo by Rocky Forguson
July 21, 2012 – May Star had her monthly fashion show at her new location Diamond Dust featuring five established and up-and-coming designers. Featuring two dance-floors and bar areas and a bigger room for the fashion show, this location is definitely an improvement from the cute and cozy, but smaller Ruby Room. The designers were typically unique as May Star always has an eye for the original when it comes to featuring designers. BritBoy Clothing started the evening with its long, flowing gowns with strong prints and colors, or long, straight-lined with a slit, as well as his trademark minimalistic but cute mini-dresses and bonded collars for the men’s jackets. Mac Cratic had that fall feel with wool vests, rich fabrics, and knits, but also had that original touch with off-set zippers, long jackets and asymmetrical designs and pairings as well as rips and tears. One empire-waisted mini-dress with a white top and black satin layered bottom was particularly cute. House of Flash continues taking its tee-shirt designs to a new level, along with jeans and bermudas, they capture that California life-style. Pretty Star Clothing reminded of Japanese anime with baby doll dresses, bright clownish colors, ruffles, fringes and sexy but innocent combinations. A 70s lime green, one piece top and shorts caught my eye as well as a feminine, conservative flared skirt paired with a halter top decorated with strings. Morgan Culture was a great finale with its flowing, nature inspired, long gowns that were extremely feminine, full of rich material, but with striking additions reminiscent of organic patterns and colors. Definitely a fashion show worth seeing.

Click for photos of Diamond Dust.  All photography by Rocky Forguson.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words about my work! Looking forward to hopefully seeing my stuff on here again soon :)

- Morgan Culture

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