Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Landmark presents programs for August

By James Colt Harrison
Farewell, My Queen imagines the court of Marie Antoinette in its final days before the great French Revolution. The film realistically depicts the debauchery, passions, excesses and chaos that engulfed the court before its tragic end. Don’t forget, Marie Antoinette is allegedly to have said, “Let them eat cake” when she heard the population had no bread. That’s how disconnected she was with the state of the country at the time. French film star Lea Seydoux plays one of Marie’s ladies-in-waiting as a seemingly innocent and devoted servant. As she wiggles her way into Marie’s good graces, things change unexpectedly as she never expected. Blond beauty Diane Kruger gives her best performance as the Queen, and Virginie Ledoyen is her best friend Gabrielle. Cohen Media.

360 has one of the greatest ensemble casts of recent years. Anthony Hopkins, Jude Law, Rachel Weisz, and Ben Foster are the stars. With interweaving stories about romantic life in the 21st Century, this dramatic and sexy thriller is set on the world stage of fabulous cities such as Rio De Janiero, Vienna, Paris, London, Denver, Phoenix and Bratislava. When an international businessman is tempted to be unfaithful to his wife, his actions set into motion a series of connected events which ricochet around the world with shattering consequences. Allof this intrigue is set against the Arab Spring events, global flu pandemics, Euro-Zone instabilities, and the international banking crisis. Directed by Fernando Meirelles (City of God ). Magnolia Pictures.

Dark Horse concentrates on serial loser Abe (Jordan Gelber) and his tragicomic romance with an insecure girl named Miranda (Selma Blair). She’s usually overmedicated or high or out of it. Abe still lives in his parent’s basement (figuratively) and collects toys as part of his regressive nature. Christopher Walken and Mia Farrow are quirky enough actors to play his parents with supremely effortless technique. Brother Richard (Justin Bartha) is a hugely successful doctor who only makes Abe seem even more of a flop. Abe rushes Miranda into a marriage in hopes of alleviating his frustrations and failures. Abe sinks into his own subconscious in which he imagines an old secretary (Donna Murphy) acting as a “cougar” who is trying to seduce him. Directed by Todd Solondz (Welcome to the Dollhouse). Magnolia Pictures.

Easy Money is the Swedish thriller that has been sweeping European box offices. Giving a huge break to newcomer Joel Kinnaman as JW, the film is about the young poor student who aspires to greater things with his life. Infiltrating Sweden’s upper crust, he falls in love with a rich girl. He soon is lured into a life of crime. JW’s path takes him into the dark world of organized crime and two Yugoslavian criminals who want to make a huge hit with a massive cargo of cocaine. The film is based on a Swedish trilogy of hit books  written by Jens Lapidus. The Weinstein Company.

Killer Joe is another great lead for 22 year-old actor Emile Hirsch. Always featured in interesting films, Hirsch this time out finds himself in debt to a drug lord whom he can’t pay. Hirsch dreams up a scheme to hire a hitman to kill off his mother and collect $50,000 from his sister Dottie (Juno Temple) who is the heir to the money. He hires Joe Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), a creepy, sleazy Dallas cop who moonlights as a contract killer. Cooper throws a wrench into the plans by holding Dottie as hostage. The film is based on Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning playwright Tracy Letts’ black comedy. Thomas Hayden Church and Gina Gershon also star. Academy Award® winning William Friedkin directed.

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