Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vixen Pop-Up Boutique

The sheer delight of summer dressing was on display with Vixen Pop-Up Boutique's show at Barfly La Jolla on August 16. Sheer is definitely in this season and there were many cute pieces on display in blouses, dresses, and beach attire. Both casual and elegant, with bright splashes of color, not too mention very cute dresses and to die for bikinis and kaftans. A selection of shorts and tankinis were particularly appealing as well the bright and breezy summer dresses. A long and sexy strapless gown with wide multicolored striped sections was particularly striking. Check out this boutique and all it has to offer www.vixensd.com.  All photos by Rocky Forguson.  www.rockyforguson.com

Click Here for Photos of the Fashion Show!

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