Friday, December 21, 2012

ArtsNFashion Winter 2012 Issue

ArtsNFashion Winter 2012 Issue is now available.

To View online: Click HERE

Happy Holidays!  We hope you enjoy the issue.
Letter from the Editor: 

"Serving others, making people happy, seeing the glint of excitement in their eyes, or the sincerity of a “thank you” or a “job well-done”, motivates us to keep on going. Our cover Catherine Wayne the webceleb whose character Boxxy touches hundreds of thousands of viewers explained that the reason she feels her character is so popular is because she is ‘constantly smiling and always kind.’ Fotografica Gregor whose images are breathtaking assures us that the most satisfying aspect of photography is the warm relationships and rapport of trust that needs to be achieved between a photographer and model. So many events in this winter issue (Bravo San Diego Awards, Best Dressed Awards) honor people. People that give of themselves through their art, their time, their volunteering efforts, their creativity. This holiday season, let’s renew our commitment to our work and remember the reason we are doing what we do: to help and celebrate people."


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