Tuesday, October 8, 2013


By James Colt Harrison

‘Rush’ from director Ron Howard and Imagine Entertainment, is aptly named for those of you who are race car fans. A shot of adrenalin in your heart comes right off the screen, with Formula One cars twisting, turning, spinning, flying through the air like projectiles, and finally bursting into an orange-flamed conflagration. Because it’s on the big screen in vibrant colors as shot by Cinematographer Anthony Dot Mantle, the feeling of being right in the picture is enhanced by these factors.

Director Howard has directed various types of films throughout his career, but he did start out with Grand Theft Auto, a sort of road-company version of Rush. We’re now many years after Grand Theft, and Rush shows what can be done with more money in the budget and greater filming techniques. It’s a wow of a movie and sure to please both males and females, with the heavier weighting on the boys side.

However, female fans may be persuaded to attend a screening of the film because of Chris Hemsworth. He’s looking fantastic in the film with his flowing blond hair, tanned face and a smile that would light up a stadium. You can almost hear the knees creaking on fainting damsels when they look into his blue eyes.

What makes this one of the best sports films is that it has a good story. It’s a true story of driver British James Hunt as played by newcomer from Australian Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and his rivalry with Austrian driver Niki Lauda, played by German star Daniel Bruhl. It’s an international cast to be sure, but both guys are good performers. Screenwriter Peter Morgan slants the film so that the audience can sympathize with both men and their problems. More time is spent by director Howard on the development of the rivalry between Hunt and Lauda than is spent whirling around the tracks on two wheels. But, the action the track is interspersed by dramatic scenes of the two bitter rivals.

Lauda experienced a horrendous and firey crash which took him off the tracks for a time. He was determined to come back and show Hunt that he was still a force that Hunt would have to beat. And then the action speeds up with exciting scenes of cars whipping around the track, crashing into the sidewalls, and cars simply exploding into flames when they collide into each other. There is no scarcity of exciting racing scenes for the Formula One fans.

Rush is a surprisingly interesting film because it has a story is not just a framework to display high-powered race cars. Others in the cast adding to the action are Olivia Wilde, Alexandra Maria Lara and Pierfrancesco Favino. Go—you’ll enjoy it!

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