Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ArtsNFashion Winter 2013 Issue

 ArtsNFashion Winter 2013

It is great to be back after a hiatus to see the San Diego arts scene flourishing.  This year’s Fashion Week was amazing, the venue by the pier a majestic site for all of the events. Several of the designers, including Andre Soriano, reached new levels as a part of Rihanna’s Styled to Rock. San Diego writer Charlene Baldridge delighted us with her play “The Warrior’s Duet” a piece co-written with her daughter. Lisa Sanders continues with her quality musical performances.  Photographer Monty Montgomery shows us different visions of different places, in particular economically depressed areas of northern California.  Antiquark keeps on putting out their quality music and they have a new album for all to enjoy.  All in all, everyone is still at work, producing, creating and making the world a little bit brighter for everyone.

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