Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lets Meet:Lisa Reck, Photographer

The Gates of Heaven
Lisa Reck is a photographer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a love for the natural beauty of the world.  Her pallet is Mother Earth, creatures of the earth and the heavens.  Her photographs capture the splendor of the world with the glow of Heaven which is the title of her current work.  In this interview she tries to give us a glimpse into what inspires her.

ANF:  Why art and why now?

LR:  I studied art initially in my home town of Pittsburgh, PA.  Although I loved it, the ups and downs of life kept me from pursuing it with all of my heart.  I moved to Mississippi and worked in several different fields while raising my three children.  But, I never lost my love of art.  It’s just now that I've really listened to the call and have actively taken steps to share my vision.

ANF:  What attracts you to photographing nature shots?

LR:  I have always maintained a close relationship with God even through my personal struggles with addiction.  My love of art is a direct relation to my connection to heaven.  Art, through the eyes of God, has been my life preserver.  It is also through this relationship that I decided to truly follow my heart and my calling of art.  The beauty of the world that I photograph far outweighs any strife I have in my life.

ANF:  Your photographs are extremely warm and inviting, is that your intent?

Lisa Reck
LR:  Yes!  I see the warmth of my photography as a space where heavenly peace exist and people can find their own peace, beauty and a healing source.  Art has and always will be a mending process for me.  It is mending my heart and soul.  I want to share what I get to see on a daily basis with the world.  I’m currently working out of West Palm Beach, Florida and the opportunities that are presented for an artist to find Heaven in every shot are innumerable.

ANF:  Clearly you have a love of the spiritual side of art.  Your current collection is called Heaven.  What else motivates you?

Broken Leaf
LR:  You’re right and hit the nail on the head.  I’m spiritually motivated and I believe that you can experience the Heavens through my art.  I’m also motivated by my three beautiful boys, Charly, Jacob,  and Robert as well as my two grandchildren.  My art is for everyone, but most of all it is an extension of my faith, for my children and for my own comfort.  Art is my meditation.  It fills me and keeps me happy and safe.  I want to share this with those who also have a need to rise out of challenging times as I have.  It allows me to enjoy all that I do and I hope it does that for those who view my work.

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