Monday, March 16, 2015

Fashion Trends Spring 2015: Gingham

Forever 21, Belted Gingham Shirtdress
Gingham is such a cozy material. It is made out of simple, woven cotton or linen cloth with a check or plaid pattern. The colors are commonly blue/white or red/white. It can vary from very small, checkered pattern to very large checks. It is normally associated with comfort and imply a rustic, country-style, laid-back look.

Neiman Marcus, Splendid Long-Sleeve Gingham Shirt

This spring gingham is leaving the "strictly comfort" look behind and going a little more upscale, trendy, and hip. Very popular on the fashion runways this spring, gingham reminds us that it can be very bold and graphic as well as fashionable. 
Tess Giberson, Long Skirt w/placket
H&M Balconette Bra

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