Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Let’s Meet: Monty Montgomery, Artist

Monty Montgomery
Monty Montgomery began exhibiting his work in 2002. Born and raised in Virginia, Montgomery loved black lines and bright colors at a very young age and was influenced by his mother who was a kindergarten teacher. “I started doing art really young,” Montgomery says. “Grabbing crayons and markers and trying to fill in good old-fashioned coloring books. I remember having a massive amount of coloring books and being able to sit for hours with my mom at the kitchen table trying to get each page perfect.”

Montgomery’s use of “stars” in his work comes from years of sitting with his Grandfather as he pointed out constellations through the dark, small town, Virginia skies. “It was always magical listening to my Grandfather and learning about the stars”, Montgomery says. “I will always remember that feeling as a little boy and try to somehow bring it back to life in my paintings.” Through his teenage years he discovered this visual connection was becoming more and more a substance for him to express his inner works of art. In his junior year at Longwood University, he launched Cilli Original Designs and began spreading his word through clothing, paintings, poetry, stickers, and culture. Montgomery went on to earn his BFA from Longwood University in 1998.

While based in Charlottesville, Va. and working on various design projects in the music/surf/skate industries along the East Coast, Montgomery opened, operated, and curated, C.O.D. Gallery & Studios on the Downtown Mall in “C-VILLE” and joined forces with the “SOA” Sound of Art in New York City for a period of time.  After many great years in Virginia, he made the move to Boston, Ma. in 2006 to expand his vision. “Almost every single one of my pieces has a specific meaning to it, a vibe, a feeling or message that I want you to take in and walk away with,” Montgomery says. “I not only want to hit you with my vision of color and lines, but even more so with the message within each creation. My job is to create art that makes you feel.”

In 2008 Montgomery made the move to San Diego, California and launched http://www.montymontgomeryart.com. He is currently based in San Diego and continues to focus in on his works and take on various projects across the USA. Montgomery recently combined forces with J Feather, another San Diego based Artist and the duo formed KREASHUN in 2012. KREASHUN is a combination of both Artist’s visions and talents coming together to create one lucid dream of experience upon interior and exterior walls around the globe. Experience this new vision at http://www.kreashun.com.

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