Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Extreme Innovation at Exhibit Ambush Fashion

October 22, 2011 – Exhibit Ambush designers presented one of the most innovative and unique fashion shows to date at Horton Plaza taking the concept of “wearable art” and running with it. There was a certain Lady Gaga-ish feel in certain collections and distinctive themes ruled the night. Extreme asymmetry, multitude of contrasting fabrics, fringes, ruffles, decorative hems, unique piping, tiers of layers and many more details were on display. The feel was of innovation and excess. Andre Soriano started the evening with Old Hollywood inspired full-length satin gowns of vibrant colors, quite sophisticated with a touch of Art Deco. One dress had a huge side bow leading into a train, another was faux-leather silver with fur trim, and a spectacular wedding dress of lace chiffon with criss-crossing trims from chest to trunk, not to mention a black wedding gown. Annalynn Luu displayed quite uneven geometric patterns, plastic encasings, and a futuristic feel. Molly B. Bikinis’s animal prints had a sexy safari allure, while Tea Ninkovic definitely had the modern wearable art feel with clothes that were extremely three-dimensional as layers of materials and décor enveloped the outfits, as well as an edgy rips and asymmetry. Karelle Levy’s striped white and neon full length light-knit dresses were quite pretty and fun. Whitney  had a sixties flower-child visage with flower prints and flirty tops, wide sleeves, belted ponchos, and knits. Natural details like wheat stalks and feathers added to the striking imagery. Stile Italiano made use of golden buckles, buttons and chains, to give it a luxurious Riviera-feel to their bikinis. Antoinette Ransom presented 70’s inspired pantsuits with cinched waists and lightly flared bottoms made out of velvet, corduroy, striped, and silver. Chris Ryan and Evett Navarro were by far the most unique, at times bordering on the bizarre, but definitely eye-catching outfits with a certain science fiction meets acid trip allure, very original. Suzette had a feminine and original feel and Haus of Estrada was the last on the list with dramatic full length gowns, contrasting materials, elegant prints, ruffles and trains, and a richness to their decorative touches. I enjoyed the beauty and innovation of the designers my only suggestion is that each designer’s name had been projected onto a panel for clarity. Definitely a showcase for emerging talent. Exhibit Ambush brings together unique fashion designers and eclectic artists who are pushing artistic boundaries. Its founder is Antoinette Ransom, whose mission is to nurture and inspire the vision of unique artists. www.ambushevents.com

Go to ArtsNFashion Magazine at http://www.artsnfashion.com/ to see more fashion from Exhibit Ambush


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