Sunday, March 25, 2012

Anime Conji Convention Fashion Show

By Paola Hornbuckle 
Photography Navid Nader

Designer Daisy Viktoria

Capturing the whimsical, fantastical and magical excess of anime must be a delightful task for any designer. Three designers took on this visually enticing and provocative theme at the Anime Conji Convention held at the Town and Country Hotel on March 16-18 and hosted by Evett Hatsune of Mikomi Doll Designs. Having lived in Japan I really adore anime and Japanese style with its geometric uniqueness and classy simplicity. The theme of the night was Harajuku Highway (a city in Japan) mixing traditional Japanese culture with its sleek looks and simple and efficient designs and modern style. In addition, there was the definite inclusion of Steampunk and Victorian.  Master of Ceromonies (MC) Tadao Tomomatsu (aka - TNT or Uncle Albert) an actor and comedian as well as a local celebrity among the Los Angeles science fiction community did the honors of introducing the crowd to fun fashion.
Mikom Doll Designs (Evett Hartsure)
Daisy Viktoria
Dazzle Me (Camille Wood)

Mikom Doll Designs (Evett Hartsure)

Anime is fantasy, and its particular animation explodes with vibrant color and action, its characters larger than life, lingering somewhere between a children’s world of innocent cuteness and adult erotica. And so, the clothes embody this sense of two worlds. Mikomi Doll Designs' by Evett Hartsune line is glamorous, sexy; an eclectic combination of femininity and sultriness. I particularly liked the white cotton dress with the black lace sleeves. Tight fitting leather pants and hot pants, ripped leggings, perfectly fitting tops, midriff shirts and jackets, high quality cuts and metallic details on the belts and jackets, contrasting styles and patterns, were all part of the collection. Dazzle Me by Camille Wood displayed a fantasy laden collection with electric colors, black lace, exquisite details, and exotic looks that hinted at a character: gothic, baby-doll, harem, Alice in Wonderland. Daisy Viktoria was unique, with rich fabrics and luxurious colors, lace skirts and leather white corsets with “neck” corsets, quite unique. I particularly liked a lavender strapless, off the shoulder dress with white embroidered flowers on the front. There was a touch of romance with ball gowns and bows, and some unique touches like a web of thin metal strings creating a matrix over a dress. Neck decorations that were a part of the dress and design were an original touch. All in all, this show featured three beautiful collections by three talented designers that really captured the anime theme.

Daisy Viktoria

Daisy Viktoria

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