Sunday, May 13, 2012

Web series Favorite, "The Unemployment of Danny London"

Danny London (Danny Lippin) and Allie London (Sharon Swainson)
Web television is here to stay.  The only question is which device you'll use to watch?  Recently, we had the opportunity to meet the creator/director and some cast members of the web series, "The Unemployment of Danny London" at the House of Blues in San Diego.

Following the meeting, we took the opportunity to watch the show.  Wonderful group of actors with a very funny, quirky show.  Take a look, follow and watch what happens to Danny next.  Maybe, a new job or maybe, a prime-time television slot for "The Unemployment of Danny London" on a network or cable channel.  If it's any indication where the show will go, creator/director, Doug Cwiak, cast and crew are enjoying nominations and awards to include multiple Audience Choice Awards.  We like them, we really like them!  And, you will too.

Here's a synopsis of the show:

9 AM October, 15th 2010 – Danny London has it all - a high-paying, secure job, a beautiful wife, and a comfortable home. By 4:30PM, Danny is unemployed for the first time in his life. "The Unemployment Of Danny London" follows Danny, a PR guy who finds himself without a job due to layoffs, who struggles to adapt to his new life and those around him that just don't understand. It's a lighthearted look at the trials and tribulations of one man's unemployment.

Cast: Danny Lippin - Danny London
         Sharon Swainson - Allie London
         Michael Patrick McGill - Larry
         Jessica Tomé - Gabby
         Alizé Lozier - Effie "Angel" Brimstone
         Brigitte Lozier - Viola "Angelique" Brimstone
         Céline Lozier - Iris "Angelica" Brimstone
         Lynne Conner - Jeanette Fofana
         Ernest Harden Jr. - Todd
         Colette Freedman - Franny London
         Matt Braaten - Elmer
         Susyn Elise Duris - Miriam
         Stacy Snyder - Carol
         Teruko Kataoka - Rika

An independent sitcom web series,  “The Unemployment Of Danny London" contains 12 episodes in each new season, with a new episode released twice a month.

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