Monday, June 4, 2012

ArtsNFashion Magazine Summer Issue 2012

The people that fill our pages with their images and life stories have a common theme: perseverance. The time, effort, and commitment demonstrated is a sign of that intangible something inside of them that keeps them pressing on. Borris Powell taught himself to sew in less than a year and worked non-stop, giving up his social life while holding down unimaginable work hours. Natalie Gal has been acting and modeling since her early teens and travels the world to meet her obligations. Sonja ter Heijden taught herself to paint after raising four children on welfare as a single mother with a disability in the Netherlands. Dwain Hathaway sang and played with the best but due dystonia, which took away his ability to sing, he now devotes himself to teaching children music and music composition. Underground Chinese film directors make movies bringing to light China’s hidden social issues not knowing if their films will find an audience. It is this spirit to persevere that leads them to success.

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