Saturday, February 1, 2014

Designer Andre Soriano: A Media Star is Born

Designer Andre Soriano with the
Pussycat Doll's Kaya Jones rocking
his gown for the 56th Annual Grammy Awards
Staple Center, Los Angeles, CA
By Paola Hornbuckle

It is with complete amazement and respect that the San Diego fashion community marvels at the meteoric ascent of designer Andre Soriano. For years he was a familiar face at the local San Diego fashion events and now he has gotten his much deserved break thanks to participation in Styled to Rock, a reality television show based out of Los Angeles which premiered on Bravo in the fall of 2013 and is hosted by Rihanna. Similar to Project Runway, the contestants compete with each other to create the best outfit for a musical performer every week. Andre displayed his cutting edge designs week after week and made it to seventh place. By then the world had seen his work and took notice. Now in high demand, Andre Soriano’s designs seem to be blossoming everywhere. Award Shows, magazine spreads, and red carpet photo shoots are part of his world as celebrities flock to wear the creations of the hot, new designer on the scene. Completely humble, kind and thankful for all of his success, Andre Soriano seems to be having a ball on the new roller coaster ride that is his life. 
L. to R. Oprah Winfrey, Aisha Tyler (host - 19th Critic's Choice Awards)
 in an original Andre Soriano gown, Forrest Whitaker
With his flashy, daring and original outfits he himself seems ready made for branding into the public consciousness.  The greatest achievement of the reality shows dedicated to up and coming artists is to eliminate the red tape and middle men that stand between talent and public awareness of that talent. Someone like Andre Soriano, can be the next fashion designer on the rise thanks to the democratization of artists’ access to exposure thanks to reality shows.  We in San Diego take inspiration from his success and look forward to seeing a talented and very nice person achieve the acclaim that he deserves.

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