ArtsNFashion Magazine is a quarterly virtual online magazine combining high culture with pop culture in the arts. We celebrate the people who make it all possible: artists. Articles can range in length from 700 to 3000 words. Articles are accepted on any area of the visual and performing arts.
We encourage artists to write their own articles. Artists of all levels are encouraged to submit. We also accept articles from contributing writers about artists. We focus on San Diego, but accept articles from the national and international arenas. We are willing to publish a foreign language translation next to international articles.
We want articles on: actors, writers, photographers, fashion designers, painters, illustrators, cartoonists, musicians, dancers, models, directors, playwrights, filmmakers, graphic artists, potters, even tattoo designers, etc. We also need great photographs to display your work.
We focus on you. We don’t only want to know about how wonderful and brilliant your work is…we want to know you. We are looking for personal experiences on your journey to becoming who you are, as well as a showcase for your art.
How and why did you become involved in the arts? Who are your role models? What challenges have you faced? What drives you? What is your vision, your goals? Explain your work to us. What does it mean? We want to know.
Being an artist is a special thing. A different journey. Let’s share it.

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