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ArtsNFashion Magazine celebrates all types of artists and the artistic process. We know that behind every work of art there is a human being working very hard to make it happen. We want to honor the artist by exploring the process and his/her journey. To us, the story of the artist is as relevant as the art itself. We seek to showcase the up-and-coming as well as the established artists. We encourage all genres of art – visual and performing.
ArtsNFashion Magazine is published quarterly via  It is also available in hard copy via a print on demand function located on our website:  The ezine phenomenon is exploding and offers an international audience for a reasonable cost.  Thanks to the speed of the internet, the growth of smart phones, and tablet computing, our ezine is available instantly to readers all over the world.  The print version of the magazine makes us appealing to clients who prefer hard copies and/or want to promote their art/business in a store front or at events (i.e. concerts, fashion shows, theatre productions, etc.)
ArtsNFashion Magazine is a fusion of the arts.  We combine high culture with pop culture.  A passion for arts brings together the young and trendy with the mature and financially established.  These two groups don’t often meet, but are very curious about each other. Everyone wants to have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends.  Additionally, young artists want to have exposure to patrons and fans of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. ArtsNFashion Magazine bridges the generational gap through art.
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